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2014-05-05 07:13 pm

False Flowers Never Fade - A New Mutants drabble

Dangit, now I HAD to set one at the grave. Thanks for that nobiliorpomis!

“Look Sheila, there’s another one here.”

“Oh Phillip, they’re beautiful, but so.. strange looking.”

“I think it must be a friend from Xavier’s school who leaves them here.”

“Must be. I know Doug liked computers, but to make flowers out of … circuit boards and wire I think… Why?”

“Maybe they remind them of him. I think it’s rather a nice notion. They’ll never wither or fade.”

From the branches of a nearby tree, a blackbird with a glint of gold tracing it’s wings, watched silently as his selfsoulfriend’s parents departed, leaning on each other. Warlock was pleased someone understood.

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2014-05-05 07:12 pm

Nights are Forever - A New Mutants drabble

I’ve never tried a drabble before… it’s a challenging format (and I blame this post… it was going to be set at the graveside, but I changed my mind)

“Again, Sam?”

“Yep Bobby, he’s gone up there every night… then makes that sound.”

“He’s singing lullabies.”

“You sure Dani? Doesn’t sound like any lullaby I know. More like a modem.”

"I asked him. He’s singing in binary. It’s a thing… they used to do.”

“Strange, but it’s… haunting.”

Up on the roof, Warlock reabsorbed the transmitter, and marked off the latest coordinates. He’d try again tomorrow night.

He’d never know if his songs reached their target, but that wasn’t the point. He didn’t want his selfsoulfriend to be lonely, wherever he was. No one should be lonely at night.