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Not sure if this counts as fanfic or headcanon, but I won’t let that stop me.

Shortly after arriving at Xaviers, and discovering the extent to which he really COULD make the Danger Room do prretty much anything, Doug started a nice little sideline in customised Danger Room scenarios. Not for money, but for occasional good will gesture, surprise present or as a swap for doing chores, it came in very handy, and some of it counted towards his final exams.

Sam - Sam had a surprisingly long list of his favourite sci-fi novel environments, all neatly listed and ranked in order of desirability. Despite the fact he’d actually been to a Dyson Sphere, his favourite remained a recreation of Larry Niven’s Ringworld… Doug even threw in some Kzin and a Pierson’s Puppeteer to accompany Sam on his explorations.

Dani - Didn’t take Doug up on his offer for a long time, but after she bonded with Brightwind, discovered that even a faux Asgardian environment made Brightwind happier, so Doug was able to go wild designing some Asgardian architecture castles and plains.

Berto - Though Doug turned down a few semi-harem scenario requests, there was more than one World Cup Final which had R DaCosta as a Brazilian foreward. In one case, all the other players were allowed to mimic Sunspot powers (and the ball was indestructible), so that Berto could cut loose with his powers with a clear conscience.

As a planned Christmas present from the team, Doug designed an entire “Magnum PI” role play game specifically for Berto, so that everyone in the scenario treated him as they would Magnum himself. Due to Doug dying just before that Christmas, the rest of the team never gave it to him (planning on doing so at a less emotional time) and the program was lost the next the Mansion was trashed. it was only recently, upon his return, that Doug was able to fish a copy out of his personal archive and present it to Berto, who loved it.

Xian - Never actually asked for anything, but Doug took that as a challenge, and eventually presented her with a Vietnamese village, just a small, peaceful place that had never known the war, but one where everyone spoke Vietnamese and Xian could relax whenever she wanted. When he presented it to her, it was the one and only time that Xian ever hugged him.

Amara - Having heard so much about it in Nova Roma texts, Amara was particularly keen to see what Ancient Rome would have looked like. It’s true that Doug may have taken a few liberties, there was a LOT of Ben Hur in it, and throwing in a simulacrum of Asterix and Obelix fighting Ceasar’s Legions might have been a step too far, but Amara took it in good part (and joined in).

Illyana - As a teleporter who had her own (admittely hellish) dimension that responded to her moods, Illyana never felt the need to indulge in Danger Room fantasy worlds. She did apparently have one idea for a scenario which involved the members of three different bands, but when she whispered the details to Doug he turned an interesting colour and explained that if he wasn’t going to program Berto’s harem fantasies there was no way he was going to program Illyana’s, especially as he was pretty sure some of her ideas was both illegal AND physically impossible.

Rahne - Never took Doug up on his offer, but eventually asked that he show her how to use the Danger Room systems herself. It wasn’t until much later that he realised that she’d just wanted to spend time with him. It was some time after that, that she used what he had taught her to replay his death over and over again, trying to find a means of saving him.

Warlock - Since he was a shapeshifter and someone to whom the entire planet Earth was already a weird, fantasy-adventure playground, Doug was really stumped by what to create for Warlock; there seemed to be nothing that he could possibly create for his selffriend that he couldn’t already experience, create or be.

Recreating the Technarch homeworld was not something that Warlock would have enjoyed either, given his memories of the place being all about Magus trying to kill him from the moment of his birth.

That changed after their Douglock fusion, and Doug first saw the world through Warlock’s perceptions. He spent days prgramming and when he finally unveiled it… it appeared to be a dark, three metre long, representation of the infinity symbol, hanging in mid air, and that was it.

The team were baffled, but Warlock, on the other hand, was in raptures. His attempts to explain the sheer beauty, and complexity, and simplicity, and wonder of it, were sort of confusing to everyone. Doug explaining that it was a sort of four-dimensional fractal, mostly using wavelengths of light beyond human visual perception, and replicating various vibrational states of lifeglow, didn’t really help, but it seemed to make Warlock happy and it was his present.

Doug considered this to be his only real contribution to “art”, and the fact that only his selfsoulfriend really understood it, made it particularly special.
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One of the fun things about Doug Ramsey is imagining someone whose baseline background and standard reactions were entirely weirdness-free having to deal with the assorted nutjob crap that comes with being an X-Mutant and not being quite sure how to handle it.

I had a go a little while back at Kitty and Doug’s first meeting post his resurrection and her return from the space-missile-thing. And a few other ideas cropped up, conversations that we’d never seen that might be fun to visit… so here’s another one….

I’m not sold on the title yet, so might change it

One Simple Rule For Not Dating my Sort-of Surrogate Daughter-Figure

By Icon UK

A Cypher vignette

Characters – Doug Ramsey/The father figure you do NOT want to piss off

As a New Mutant, Doug had met all of the X-Men. Sure, he’d met one or two of themwhilst hanging out with Kitty in his days BM (Before Mutation) there had been a sort of formal introduction using codenames when he and Warlock had been inducted into the team, and he’d been impressed by them.

Rogue spoke cheerily enough (though his newly conscious attention to body language screamed discomfort around strangers, it was odd to see someone who was invulnerable flinch, even minutely)

Storm inspired a sort of awe that he knew the other New Mutants shared.

Nightcrawler had been somewhat disconcerting, what with the blue skin and the yellow eyes… and the fangs… and the pointy tail… and the faint scent of sulphur. However, it was safe to say the sum was a whole lot LESS scary than the sum of the parts, especially when he found out Doug already spoke flawless German… Of course, that mean Doug was already somewhat sick of Kurt popping up next to him with yet ANOTHER German knock-knock joke that no one else would get.

Colossus had been huge and imposing enough when he had merely been Piotr, aka that Russian guy that Kitty had had a serious crush on, but discovering he could turn into an even taller superstrong solid steel form put a whole new slant on potential rivalries, but he had seemed to bear Doug no obvious ill-will.

Wolverine though, had been almost impossible to read, his self-control was so complete that it was actually scarier than the rest of them put together. He had greeted Doug with a firm handshake and a nod… which remained their longest conversation to date. (Roberto had commented later that he’d been impressed Doug had put his hand out to be shaken, Logan tended not to be the tactile sort. Doug admitted he wasn’t sure he’d ever do it again)

A few weeks later Doug was heading towards the computer lab for a study session, balancing an awkward pile of printouts in his arms and a pencil between his teeth. He was a little distracted, picturing a rather vicious software problem to challenge Kitty with, knowing full well she’d have come up with an even nastier hardware problem for him. As such he more or less literally walked into Wolverine turning a corner.

He managed to pull himself back just in time, but the printouts went up in the air and scattered in sitcom fashion.

He stooped to pick them up, and to his surprise, Logan assisted.

“Sorry Mr Logan!”

Logan looked down “You okay kid?”

“Sure Mr Logan”

“Just Logan will do”

“Ummm… if it’s all the same to you, I’ll stick with Mr Logan”

Logan snorted but didn’t pursue the matter. He bent down to pick up another piece of paper.

“So I hear that you and Kitty broke up.”

Well, that was brutally direct…

“Well…. not so much broken up as agreed not to take things any further and stay friends.”

“How you feel about that?”

That was even more brutally direct.. he wasn’t sure quite how to respond.


“That the truth?”


Wolverine cocked an eyebrow at him. “In my experience, when you answer a question like that with a question, you usually ain’t answered the question.”

Doug decided that lying to Wolverine would be a bad, if short, habit to get into.

“The truth? Okay, it SUCKS!”

Where had THAT come from? Still, no point stopping now.

“I wish she had wanted to take things further, I know I did. I put my heart out there and she said no. She was nice about it and all, I guess, but it’s not what anyone who says what I said wants to hear.”

Doug was a little surprised that he’d said all that, but then again, no one else had asked.


“And we were good friends before, and we’re good friends now and that makes both of us happy enough. Do I wish we were something more? Sure… but she doesn’t. And if it wouldn’t have made her happy, why would I want to go down that path? And I’m a lucky guy to have Kitty as a friend.”

Logan said nothing for several seconds.

“Good answer“ he said, and walked away.

Leaning against the corridor wall and letting out a long breath to release tension he didn’t even know he’d been feeling, Doug replayed the conversation in his head. He knew Logan was more than slightly protective of Kitty, and wondered what would have happened if he had answered any other way. He had obviously passed a test and had received something akin to a compliment from Wolverine.

It was only MUCH later he wondered about the odds of someone with Wolverine’s assorted super sensitive senses “accidentally” walking into someone like that. He got the feeling it would be a good thing if he pretended that that notion had never occurred to him.
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Dangit, now I HAD to set one at the grave. Thanks for that nobiliorpomis!

“Look Sheila, there’s another one here.”

“Oh Phillip, they’re beautiful, but so.. strange looking.”

“I think it must be a friend from Xavier’s school who leaves them here.”

“Must be. I know Doug liked computers, but to make flowers out of … circuit boards and wire I think… Why?”

“Maybe they remind them of him. I think it’s rather a nice notion. They’ll never wither or fade.”

From the branches of a nearby tree, a blackbird with a glint of gold tracing it’s wings, watched silently as his selfsoulfriend’s parents departed, leaning on each other. Warlock was pleased someone understood.

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I’ve never tried a drabble before… it’s a challenging format (and I blame this post… it was going to be set at the graveside, but I changed my mind)

“Again, Sam?”

“Yep Bobby, he’s gone up there every night… then makes that sound.”

“He’s singing lullabies.”

“You sure Dani? Doesn’t sound like any lullaby I know. More like a modem.”

"I asked him. He’s singing in binary. It’s a thing… they used to do.”

“Strange, but it’s… haunting.”

Up on the roof, Warlock reabsorbed the transmitter, and marked off the latest coordinates. He’d try again tomorrow night.

He’d never know if his songs reached their target, but that wasn’t the point. He didn’t want his selfsoulfriend to be lonely, wherever he was. No one should be lonely at night.
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By Icon UK

Characters – Doug Ramsey/Kitty Pryde

One of the worst moments after his… well, “return” wasn’t really apt, but the English language hadn’t yet devised a word for what had happened to him without using terms associated with religious icons, was when Doug discovered what Kitty wasn’t there any more.

The horrible irony of having managed to come back from the dead, only you find one of your best friends had apparently died in deep space in the meantime was not lost on him.

He still hadn’t contacted his parents yet, and Rahne was a whole different issue, but had hoped that Kitty Pryde, the original other half of the original “Team Supreme” would be there to talk things through with him as they had always been there for each other. He knew she’d stayed in touch with his parents via Christmas cards and the like. Well, she had up until her own… departure.

Now Kitty was back, though stuck in phased form and apparently unable to speak. Which left him the slight issue of what to say. What DO you say to someone who you last saw shortly before you died? Even Hallmark didn’t have a card for that… or did they? He resolved to check it out. The X-Men could have made that a profitable sideline all by themselves.

He ran through some possibilities. He could say something in Shi’Ar… (She liked Shi’Ar, had always said it sounded like birdsong, but had she ever learned it herself?) Hebrew? (She could speak that, but as he was about as Jewish as a pork sausage it might be seen as tacky, or trying too hard to impress). He couldn’t, as he had with Amara, devise a private language for the two of them, since he hadn’t spoken to her yet, and even his somewhat amplified powers needed more than that to work with.

Okay then English it was. (The fact he was relieved by such a simple decision told him how stressed he was about this)

And what should his approach be? Play it cool, just casually walk in as if nothing had happened since the last time he’d seen her, years before. He could feel himself rocking backwards and forwards on his heels just waiting, so doubted his body language would sell that for any length of time. Plus there was the whole “Douglock” thing to get over between them. It hadn’t been Warlock’s fault Lord knows, he hadn’t known, but it would certainly put an odd spin on things between the two of them…

He didn’t want to seem TOO eager either, that would put them both in a very weird place.

The door to the Med Lab opened and he caught his first sight of her. She was floating in some sort of huge aquarium-like tank (his inner geek made a connection to Luke Skywalker in the bacta tank, but she was, thankfully, wearing more clothing) drifting in mid air with her eyes closed. He could tell she wasn’t in REM, but was just relaxing.

Well, that sort of sorted out the problem of his entrance. He walked through the doors before they could shut. He HAD to make first contact now (He made a mental note that he still had to watch that movie. It’s be nice to see Picard and the crew again, but the Borg always gave Warlock nightmares, so maybe not on their usual movie night)

Kitty’s eyes opened as if she were coming out of a doze. She caught sight of him and her eyes widened in shock.

He couldn’t think what else to do, his mouth went dry and his brain emptied. He reacted purely on impulse; He gave her a little wave.

Her expression didn’t change, but she gave a little wave back.

He pointed towards himself, and gave her the thumbs-up. He pointed towards her, gave a querying look, made the thumbs-up again, then thumbs-down, and then a little hand wiggling “so-so” gesture as an alternative option.

She made a face as she thought it over then gave the thumbs-up back.

He grinned.

She smiled.

What more needed to be said?


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